*1979,             Al Hasakah, Mesopotamia, Syria

1998-1999      Studied painting with professor Safwan Dahoul at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus.

2005                   Diplom of Arts, University of Fine Arts, Damascus


2008                Living and working in Wiesbaden since 2015



Group Exhibitions

2018                   Biennale Islandarte 2018,  Coliseo Balear,  Palma de Mallorca, (Spain)

2018                   WHERE ART YOU FROM?,  Galerie Berlin-Baku,  Berlin, (Germany)

2018                   Neu im BBK,  Rathaus Landeshauptstadt,  Wiesbaden, (Germany)

2017                   Tatorte Kunst,  Galerie Pokusa,  Wiesbaden, (Germany) 

2017                NIT DEL ART 2017, Galeria Berlin, Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

2016                Curriculum Vitae  (C.V.) – Intellectual Free Trade Zone,

                          Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden (Germany)

2016                   Winter Art, Galerie Pokusa, Wiesbaden (Germany)

2015                   Heimat "Homeland", Galerie Kuhn, Berlin (Germany)

2015                   Art im Zentrum "Art in the City",  Künstlerbund, Böblingen (Germany)

2014                   Weltsichten "World Views", Kunstetage, Heilbronn (Germany)

2013                   Annual Exhibition, Kunsthalle Vogelmann, Heilbronn (Germany) 

2012                   Annual Exhibition, Kunsthalle Vogelmann, Heilbronn (Germany)

2011                   Südwest-West "South-West", Euregio e.V., Aachen (Germany)

2011                   Blau "Blue" (Annual Exhibition), Kunsthalle Vogelmann, Heilbronn (Germany)

2011                   Lust auf Leben "Joy for Life", Kunstetage, Heilbronn (Germany)  


2011                   Finale Regionale "Regional Finals", Kunsthalle Vogelmann, Heilbronn (Germany)

2010                   Three Languages in Words and Visuals, "Drei Sprachen in Wort und Bild "

                         Kunstetage, Heilbronn (Germany) 

2006                  The Annual Exhibition, Contemporary Syrian Art, Damaskus (Syria) 




2017                MOVEMENTS, Galerie Pokusa,  Wiesbaden, (Germany)

2017                Offenes Atelier, Studio 3, Georg-Buch-Haus, Wiesbaden (Germany)   

2016                Tatorte Kunst 2016 "Art-Places 2016", Studio Kleiststraße, Wiesbaden (Germany) 

2015                Zeitklang "The Sound of Time", Atelier/ Studio Theo Kemen, Wiesbaden (Germany) 

2013                Schritt ins Ungewisse "Steps into the Unknown", Atelier/ Studio Theo Kemen, Wiesbaden (Germany)

2012                Lust des Anfanges "Desire for Beginnings", Deutschhof, Heilbronn (Germany)

1997                Namenlose Gesichter "Strangers", Kulturzentrum der Stadt Alhasakah (Syria)     



2019                Installations and Documentary film

                      on the creation of artworks by young students as part of the group project (who are the others?).

                          Magistrate of the satate capital Wiesbaden, Office for Social work, (Germany)


2018                   Entering the Legend of the Thread, Lyrics, Paintings,

                         Installation, Galerie Berlin-Bakku, Berlin (Germany)

2016                  Students Discover Contemporary Art 2016,

                         Exhibition with works from 177 young students,

                         Concept and implementation Curator

                       Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden (Germany)

                         Documentary film on the creation of artworks

                       by young students, Wiesbaden (Germany)

2011                   Live on 4,5 m ,Architectural project,

                       Heilbronn (Germany)

2005                   Socioculturell  project Nabada 2005,

                       University of Fine Arts Damascus, (Syria)



Group project

2019                 Wer sind die Anderen?, Magistrate of the satate capital Wiesbaden, Office for Social work, (Germany)

2016                 Odyssee_21, das Hessische Staatsballett, (Germany) 

2015                 Stories of Escaping and Arriving, Theater project

                        (Kultureller Zwischenraum), Heilbronn (Germany)

2014                 Erzählwerkstatt der Diaphania "Workshop on story telling organized by Diaphania", Europäischer Verein

                        für Politik, Kultur, Soziales e. V.

                        European Society for Political,  Cultural and Social Issues,

                        Heilbronn (Germany)

2011                 WOHNZEIT  "PROJECT LIVING", Theater project, Heilbronn (Germany)






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