Step into the Unknown Schritt ins Ungewisse

"I had to leave my country. But I was looking for new worlds and — un- consciously —,the Western world‘. It was a step into the unknown. Some people feel the need to go into the unknown. Sometimes I wonder why I am here in this place, in this corner of the world Germany. Was the reason for my leaving my situation or was it myself? Maybe we build our lives with our thoughts. So my paintings go further than the series, Step into the unknown. The isolated groups of men who appear in my paintings are not refugees. They are people fleeing the everyday for various reasons from one situation to another. They are German, Syrian or perhaps Spanish, who make their way off to start a new beginning.

By changing a place a lot of things change. The perception of time is changing, the colors of the surrounding area have a different sound. The step into the unknown has brought me many new things. Some things were bad. Others were good. I have learned a different view of the world and other ways of life now. My horizon has expanded, as well as my view of other people. This is reflected in the various stages of my painting."



— Emad Korkis


Last Glance/ Letzter Blick
First Glance/ Erster Blick
Frome Above/ Von Oben
En Route/ Auf dem Weg
En Route/ Auf dem Weg
In the Light/ Im Licht
60 x 30 cm  2011
View/ Blick
The Dove/ Die Taube